Media Dental Myth:The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The presence of social media has changed our day to day interaction both on personal and business levels, however it is a package with it’s own pros and cons.

Most of us keep in touch with friends, share our feelings and when it comes to business, promote it using social media. While it has tons to offer, it can become a tool to spread wrong information and myth specially when it comes to the health and dentistry. All of us have had that question asked by our patients such as “does the teeth cleaning damage my enamel?” or “should you remove my tooth to do the root canal?”.

In recent trend on social media like face book, there is a word by an unknown dentist in regard to the relation between root canal treatment and severe systemic health issues like cancer.”Root-canaled teeth are essentially “dead” teeth that can become silent incubators for highly toxic anaerobic bacteria that can, under certain conditions, make their way into your bloodstream to cause a number of serious medical conditions—many not appearing until decades later.”, according to a claim circulating around the facebook in the past month.

In the era that patients search for anything over the web specially when it comes to their health, the wrong information could be devastating for both health professionals and patients. Unfortunately there is not much that can be done to prevent these type of myths however as dental provider, we can be prepared by educating and answering all patients questions in a plain language.

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