Complication with tracking new insurance direct deposit payment

Be careful about dental insurance direct deposit, it is not as good as it sounds. In June, Sun Life has launched Sun Life Direct, a new web portal for dental providers to connect with Sun Life. This initiative by Sun Life creates a greener and faster approach to process dental claims and check patient eligibility for dental treatment eligibility and claim status.

The downside of this new system mandated by Sun Life, is that effective August 1, 2013 there will be no check in the mail for dentists who are accepting assignment, according to Sun Life. Instead, all payments will be in form of direct deposits. in the past, checks were mailed attached to the payment stub with detailed description of payments assigned to any individual procedures. This make is easy for dental office and administration to track each payment, whether paid in full, or partially paid due to deduction or non-eligibility. The new changes to direct deposit system creates an enormous hassle for dental offices who bill and deal directly with Sun Life. Each office required to have access to bank account to verify the payment and match it with online statement. This can breach the privacy and security of dentist as he or she should share bank statements with office administration which at the same time requires more time to track payments to be applied to each patient account. Dentist may opt to avoid this by matching the online payments with his or her bank statement which may become time consuming for a dentist with busy schedule.

At this time, the only recommended solution to avoid the complication caused by change of Sun Life policy is to stop dealing with Sun Life directly and inform and ask patients to pay for their treatments in full and to receive their benefit by submitting claim to Sun Life to pay patient directly.

it will cause an enormouse eligibilityAs you know, Sun Life is committed to becoming paperless, and part of this new portal is a switch to direct deposit payments from Sun Life to dental providers who accept assigned claims. This means we can make reimbursements faster and greener by eliminating the need to print paper cheques.



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