Staff background check can prevent office fraud

Dental office administration staff could be a risk to your office by doing fraudulent activities.

Each year in North America, about 3 percent of revenue billed to insurance companies has a fraudulent nature, based on the report from Delta Insurance company, insuring beneficiaries throughout US. This statistic does not include the incident of in office fraud which make health professionals and specially dental offices more prone to become a victim.

A thorough pre-employment background check can prevent hiring dishonest people and reduce the risk of fraud within the dental practice. Applicants who do not provide a solid history of work and background could be considered high risk and practices should be cautious in hiring those individuals. An example is an employee who has no established work place in her resume and claims that she did not work or did temporary work for a long period of time.

Pre-employment background check should include a thorough assessment of the followings by contacting the previous employers or through third party firms;

  • Employment verification of positions and ranking: It is wise to contact previous employer(s), no matter whether they are provided as references. An honest employee should not be afraid to provide ex-employer as reference and if not, it should be considered as why he or she is not one of the references. Previous employer should confirm the position is matched with what claimed in resume.
  • Length of employment: This can be significant. In most cases an employee who switch the job frequently may not be considered as dis-honest person but that can be an indication of other problems like lack of attention to work, unwillingness to learn or following office policies. On the other hand, an employee with lengthy history of work in one office should provide a convincing reason as why she left the previous office.
  • Reasons for leaving: As mentioned, it is important to know why employee left previous work place, whether it was due to a conflict, dishonesty or due to a reasonable excuse.

Additionally the followings can deter criminal applicants from getting hired in your practice;

  • Criminal history for crimes involving violence, theft, and fraud
  • Civil history for lawsuits involving collections, restraining orders, and fraud
  • Driver’s license check for numerous or serious violations
  • Education verification for degrees from accredited institutions


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