Top five factors to consider for your office Design

The importance of having a smart office plan and design can both increase your production and every day professional life.

There is time for most of dentists to  acquire or establish a dental practice. There are lots to be done but the start point , once one find the location and meet all the  financial and legal requirements, is to have a good design and floor planning, something attractive to the eyes of patients, workable for staff and most importantly suitable for dentist.

  • Comfort – Assuring that dental operatories, common areas, reception area and sterilization room are suited to the task, whether sitting, standing, spending hours at the computer or on the phone. We spend more time in office rather than our home and in many years to come, it is important to feel comfortable. 
  • Communication – Designing office for the most effective means of communicating internally and externally within staff, clients, dental laboratory and dental suppliers.
  • Effectiveness -Taking advantages of space to maximize proficiency. No matter you lease or purchase the your office, do not forget that you are paying for any inch of it. An effective design help the practitioner taking advantage of the monthly lease or mortgage he or she pays for property.
  • Smart Layout – A designer comprehensive technical knowledge of dental equipment can provide you a smart layout that may reduce the cost of construction and number of installed equipment that can result in possible thousand of dollars of savings. 

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