My Dental Places

You can enjoy FREE services to improve your business exposure and interaction no matter if you are General Dentist, Dental Specialist, Dental laboratory Technician, Dental Hygienist or Dental Assistant/ Receptionist.

Dental Places

List your Dental Business such as Dental Practice, Specialty Clinic or Dental Laboratory. The listing includes your business information, address, phone number, e-mail and website address and is accompanied by Google map placement and features like e-Booking, E-Referral and e-Lab. Other dental professionals can add your business to their Dental Circle, benefiting better and more frequent interaction within the businesses on the same Dental Circle. List your business now!

Dental Circle

Dental Circle is a group of businesses who are or willing to interact more frequently with each other. You may add other Dental Places to your Dental Circle. Dental Circle is private to each member.

  • Add your Dental Laboratories to your Circle to send electronic Lab Slip through e-Lab service.
  • Dental Specialist can be added to your Dental Circle to use e-Referral, a service to electronically refer your patients.

Grow your Dental Circle

Once you have your Dental Place listed, you can Invite other colleagues and dental professionals to join your Dental Circle.

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